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What Should Pay Attention To In The Construction Of Swimming Pool Tiles?
Dec 25, 2018

The seams, typesetting, yin and yang angle treatment of the swimming pool bricks, step treatment, construction materials such as tile glue, choice of caulking agent, etc. directly determine the acceptance quality of the project. And when the cement with different markings is selected to cause the quality of the experimental pool of irrigation, the swimming pool bricks bulge directly and need to re-buy the bricks again.


1. The pool tiles should be laid 10mm apart. On the one hand, because the swimming pool bricks have not absorbed enough water when they are just laid, once the water is in the water for a long time, the swimming pool bricks will rise. On the other hand, according to the physical phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction, the pool tiles will change according to different seasons and sunshine.

2. Professional swimming pool bricks:

a. According to the size of the brick and the flat net size, the bricks should be arranged as far as possible. (Note: the bottom corner of each pool, the diving pool and the children's pool need to cut bricks when entering the pool step);

b. The swimming pool is a professional swimming pool brick. When arranging bricks, pay attention to the swimming lane color separation sign accessory bricks (you can first discharge the swimming lanes), and arrange bricks according to the design brick layout. Pay attention to the relevant professional installation accessories. If you need to cut, you should Arrange in the middle of the brick (or a few brick symmetry lines, if necessary, make appropriate adjustments).

3. The glazed surface of professional swimming pool bricks should be in compliance with national standards for corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, frost resistance, damage strength, water absorption and other relevant data.

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