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What Color Tiles Are Used In The Pool?
Dec 23, 2018

The color effect of the swimming pool water is one of the important parts of the beautiful design of the swimming pool. The factors affecting the color of the swimming pool are summarized: the surrounding environment color, lighting, sky, pool brick in the pool, and the color of the regular swimming pool depends on the influence of the pool brick and sky color in the pool. .

The color design is different in different types of swimming pool applications. For example, the swimming pool of the regular competition nature, the color matching of the pool bricks in the pool must be in accordance with the rules of the game, the safe use of public places, the sports color science, etc.; for the international competition venues It tends to choose white and black lane centerline 244x119 pool tiles, and for the general public and corporate sports centers, public fitness swimming pools, school swimming pools, etc., 244x119 sea blue swimming pool bricks are used, which can satisfy most people's Requirement, other colors are mostly personal choices, or the choice of the color of the game pool and training pool in the same swimming pool.

The pool mosaic is the most abundant pool tile type of swimming pool finishing materials. Through the combination of different color particles, the ever-changing colors and patterns are reflected from the water, which requires the designer's creative application pool mosaic. According to foreign designers, the color of the pool is divided into: sea blue, lake blue, lake green, sky blue, light blue. The following is a pool effect for different pool mosaic applications. Use places, communities, hotels, clubs, gyms, spas, villas, children's pools, water parks, etc.

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