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What Are The Causes Of Damage To The Floor Stone?
Jan 16, 2019

We often see local or large-scale damage to the stone-laid floor, such as cracks, crushing, chalking, and holes, in some high-end hotels and other large public places. These phenomena are most common in grounds laid with marble.

Because these damaged parts are easily polluted and difficult to remove, people will see the ground full of dirt and riddled holes, which is a great contrast with the surrounding environment and torsion, greatly reducing the use of stone. Value and effect. However, people can't easily and easily replace these damaged stones. On the one hand, it will cause large losses in materials and labor. On the other hand, it is difficult for the owners to bear the related losses caused by the replacement of the stone.

Therefore, it is very important to explore and use some effective methods and materials to repair the damaged stone floor.

First, the cause of stone ground damage

1. Settlement and tearing of the foundation part of the ground causes cracking of the stone in the face.

2, the external damage caused the ground stone to be damaged.

3, the natural defects of marble. Some marbles have many natural defects, such as cracks, sand holes, looseness, and pinch. If these defects are not repaired and compensated in advance, they will be the first to cause lesions and damage in the defective parts and then spread after being wet and contaminated on the ground.

4. A humid environment. The main component of marble is calcium carbonate, which expands under the action of water. Then the looser part of the stone structure will explode first, leaving a stone pit on the marble floor. The formed stone pit will continue to be pulverized in a humid environment, making the surrounding stone loose.

5, the wrong protection method. In terms of the landlord and the constructor, although they applied the protective agent to the marble in advance, there was a problem on the ground. This aspect is due to the fact that the cracks and loose parts of the stone are not well repaired, and the back of the stone is quickly destroyed by the large water pressure caused by the humidity.

6. Wear and tear damage the luster of the marble. Marble has a low hardness and a low strength. Therefore, the marble floor, especially the more behaved position, will soon lose its luster. Such as the lang, the foyer, the front of the counter and so on.

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