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The Difference Between Ceramic And Glass Mosaic
Jan 28, 2018

Ceramic mosaic is produced by the ceramic production process of a mosaic, the raw material for spray granulation powder small particles, after the press molding into the kiln once sintering (also a part of the glaze after the kiln to burn), out of the kiln according to the requirements of direct packaging or polishing process to make the surface glow. Ceramic mosaic is emerging in recent years, it can make different surface gloss effect, different colors, with ceramic products high-strength, strong toughness, heat shock and other advantages (contrast glass mosaic).

Glass Mosaic has a long history, produced by the glass production process, raw materials in the glass furnace melting into liquid, and then cooling molding, forming different colors, shiny surface products, the characteristics of the color is very bright (compared to ceramic mosaic), but the glass has the brittleness and thermal impact of the poor characteristics are also more prominent. The price is not good, because the specifications of various forms, nothing comparable.

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