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Problems With The Existence Of Surf Pool Tiles
Dec 24, 2018

There are generally three materials to choose from in the surf pool market. In terms of market share, mainly ceramic tiles are used. Some owners also use paints and films, and the film is used the least.

(1) At present, most of the surf pools use pool mosaics, but the pool tiles also fall off. The phenomenon of tile shedding is mainly related to the construction method, the accessories and the incorrect specifications of the selected tiles.

(2) The problem of using a film to spread the surf pool

The film is a short name for film adhesive, commonly known as a plastic. The advantage is low cost and low requirement. However, the film itself is easy to age as a plastic. The surf pool is partially stressed in the operation process, and it is easy to tear the aging part, causing large area to fall off, thus bringing a safety accident. . Moreover, the film construction requires higher surface of the bottom of the pool. If the surface of the bottom of the pool is not flat, the adhesion between the film and the bottom of the pool will be relatively poor, and it will be easy to empty, causing shedding under a large impulse. Therefore, the film is rarely used in the surf pool.

(3) The problem of paint (paint) in the surf pool.

Some of the domestic surf pools also use paint, but the paint has two main problems: 1. The paint wear resistance is relatively poor. The coating construction requirements are relatively low, but in the process of use, if the bottom of the pool is not flat, the prominent places will wear very quickly, and the color after repair will be difficult to match the surrounding color, just like a patch to affect the beauty of the pool. 2, because the surf pool paint is in contact with water for a long time, and is generally outdoors, in the case of high-intensity exposure, the paint is easy to fade, aging, and the service life will be shorter.

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