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Points To Note When Selecting Mosaic Tiles
Nov 21, 2018

According to different materials and physical properties, mosaics are divided into shells, ceramics, crystals, metals, marbles, resin mosaics, etc. With the development of technology, the shape of mosaics is no longer limited to squares, which also satisfies consumers. A variety of home improvement needs.

“When purchasing, you should understand the space where mosaics are suitable for decoration. Secondly, mosaics of different materials have different characteristics, styles, styles and prices are different.” In the case of marble mosaics, the styles mainly include planes, shapes and mosaics. 3 kinds, of which the price of the mosaic is the highest and the plane is the cheapest. The shaped ones are bracelet type, cross section type, wave type, bread type and the like. Among them, the section type is suitable for the TV background wall, which has a layered feeling and is not reflective; the bracelet type is suitable for decorating the restroom.

In the home environment, the choice of mosaics in different places is different. For example, it is not advisable to cover the glass, metal mosaic, etc., which have strong light reflection ability, which will cause irritation to the eyes and cause discomfort; secondly, the slip resistance is not good, and the slip resistance is very bad once contacted with water, it is easy to let The person slipped.

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