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Must Learn Tile Paving Experience
Dec 14, 2018

PART1: Bright highlights 

The bright blue-green color gives a refreshing and pleasant feeling. Careful observation of the details of the tile is a simulation of the special brushstrokes in the calligraphy as a pattern to make the expression of the color more natural and the overall style lively and modern.

PART2: Warm and cold contrast wet and dry partition

Through the contrast of the cool and warm colors of the tiles, the dark and dark red colors are used to divide the wet and dry areas of the bathroom space, which is a good way to shape the use of the space. Individuals can choose different colors according to their own interests.

PART3: Chromatic contrast distinguishes wall

The bathroom wall and floor are paved with the same pattern of tiles, except that the wall uses a higher chroma pink color, while the ground coffee color is lower. In addition to considering that the ground should use more soil-resistant materials, this same material, the same pattern, and different shades are also very easy to make, both changeable and not too fancy.

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