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Mosaic Tile Paving Notes
Dec 10, 2018

1. Keep an eye on the distance between the mosaic and the open space between the mosaic granules, and each time a mosaic is placed, it is necessary to confess that each place is fully fused with the adhesive. After about 30 minutes, the paved mosaic can be soaked with a sponge or other brushing water. After the paper is soaked for about 5 minutes, the paper can be uncovered.

2. Use tile adhesive or white cement to smear once before paving, and ensure that the surface of the substrate is flat, then attach the mosaic to the wall, floor or countertop. When laying out, pay attention to the mosaic distance and the empty space between the mosaic particles, and each time the mosaic is laid in the direction of the arrow marked on the back paper, and the seam is rubbed firmly. Because of the use of color that mosaics focus on, it is necessary to reach a certain pleading in collage work. There must be no skew, warping, or empty drums.

3, the straight error of the wall skirt is promised that after the 2MM three stickers, the surface of the mosaic should be regular, the color is uniform, the caulking is tight, and the depth is not the same. There should be no alkali, stains, mortar flow marks, etc.

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