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Mosaic Tile Common Sense
Jan 28, 2018

First of all to pay attention to mosaic such as shop in the bathroom, you need water glue, now the most conventional construction method for "cement +108 glue + filler" mesh mosaic: As the net affixed to the back of the mosaic, the construction of the direct brush cement, glue, paste mosaic, and finally hook the filler, that is, its network finally connected to the mosaic. Metal mosaic in the construction of the use of sand-free filler to prevent the surface scraping flowers.

Paper Mosaic: As the paper affixed to the front of the mosaic, so the construction step is to brush the cement first, in the back of the paper to do the filler, glue, paste mosaic, remove the paper, and then brush the filler, wipe clean, that is, the construction of the paper to reveal the face of mosaic. However, because of the mosaic effect and the level of skilled workers have a great relationship, good results should be evenly spaced, horizontal flat vertical, hook seam clean, smooth surface.

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