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Mosaic According To The Material How To Divide?
Jan 28, 2018

According to the different mosaic material is divided into 6 categories: glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic, metal mosaic, marble mosaic, shell mosaic, coconut mosaic tiles.

1, Ceramic mosaic: is the most traditional kind of mosaic, to small and exquisite, but more monotonous, lower grade.

2, Marble mosaic: Natural marble texture Diverse, decorative effect is very strong.

3, Glass mosaic: glass of colorful to the mosaic to bring vitality, prices are relatively expensive.

4, Metal mosaic: High hardness, strength, gloss, cover light.

5, Shell mosaic: feel smooth, more close to nature. Natural shell after cutting, planing light, special process dyeing, playing candle made, it is characterized by: there are some noble light, environmental protection, color gorgeous.

6, Coconut mosaic tiles: natural environmental protection of coconut shell as raw materials, pure hand-pasted. Coconut shell mosaic tiles are applicable to hotel hotels, home wall floating window screen and all kinds of artistic mosaic.

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