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Is The Floor Mat Indoors Or Outdoors?
Dec 13, 2018

Some people think that the door is better, because the room can be cleaner, while others think it is better indoors.

1. Kitchen: The floor mat in front of the kitchen is mainly to block the kitchen's water, oil, and ground. Therefore, the floor mats here should be placed outside the kitchen door, while also taking into account the convenience of working in the kitchen - people who can prevent cooking are not kicked by the door mat, can prevent the cooking action from being too big, kick the floor mat turn.

2. Balcony and stairway: It mainly plays the role of anti-slip and anti-dirty, especially for children with old children. Therefore, the door mat should be placed in a relatively slippery place.

3. Getting started: role: decontamination, dust. It is more common to put it outside the door to prevent the soil on the shoes from coming home when coming back from the outside.

4. Bathroom: It plays the role of water absorption and is the most used place in the family. It is recommended to use cotton door mats. Place it outside the bathroom door.

5. Entrance: used to protect the floor and reduce the wear on the floor. Put it in the door.

★Recommendation: If conditions permit, you can put a door mat inside and outside the door at home. Outside the door, the floor mats in the door can make you a lot more convenient. When we can clean the shoes, the guests don't have to go in and change shoes.

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