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How To Correctly Select Mosaic Tiles
Jan 28, 2018

See: Whether the brick surface is delicate and even, whether there are miscellaneous spots, holes and other visible defects.

To knock (or knock with the fingers) with a fine stick to a vacant tile. Clear sound of the ceramic tile without cracks, sintering degree, low water absorption, high strength, such as sound with hoarse sound, indicating that the tile may have cracks; the sound "stifleness" indicates that the ceramic tile sintering degree is not good, the water absorption rate is high, the strength is low.

Drip: In the back of the tiles drop a few drops of water, observe the absorption speed, absorption faster, the greater the water absorption rate.

Generally speaking, low water absorption products, good sintering, high strength, good antifreeze performance, product quality is good, or with a number of drops of liquid droplets in the local surface coating evenly, after a few seconds with a wet cloth dry, to observe whether the surface residue, color points more than pinhole, easy to hang dirty, glazed quality is not high; It is indicated that the water absorbing capacity of bricks is poor.

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