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How To Construct Marble
Jan 16, 2019

When laying marble veneers, thoroughly remove the ash and debris from the base layer, rinse with water and dry. The bonding layer must be dry hard mortar, the mortar should be mixed well, and the thin mortar should not be used. The mortar is wetted to the base layer, and after the cement slurry is evenly mixed, the layer of mortar is immediately laid, and the layer of mortar should be shot and leveled. Before the panel is laid, the panels should be soaked and dried, and then laid out after the trial. After positioning, the plate is evenly tapped and compacted.

At the time of acceptance, attention should be paid to whether the marble veneer is flat and firm, the seams are straight, no skew, no stains and mud marks, the surface is clean and the color is coordinated. In addition, you should also pay attention to whether the seam has high or low deviation, and whether the plate has empty drums.

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