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Ceramic Mosaic Use
Jan 04, 2019

Ceramic mosaics are widely used, and new ceramic mosaics are now widely used in high-rise decoration and floor decoration in hotels and hotels. Shows the luxury of the building. Due to the rich color of the mosaic and the small and exquisite monolithic elements, it can be combined into different patterns to achieve a good visual effect. Therefore, the ceramic mosaic is also suitable for the decoration of fountains, swimming pools, bars, dance halls, stadiums and parks. At the same time, due to its excellent anti-skid performance, it is also commonly used in the floor decoration of family bathrooms, baths, balconies, restaurants, and living rooms. It is especially pointed out that it is a ceramic mural for large public events venues, which can display the artistic charm of mosaics and become an avant-garde decoration. art.

The design of the ceramic mosaic is relatively good, and some corners are also very well processed and have a protective function. Its anti-slip function is better, so it is generally used in swimming pools, stadiums and other places.

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