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What are the classification of metal mosaic?
Jan 28, 2018

1. Stainless steel mosaic (stainless steel sheet + bottom ceramic particle + back net)

Advantages: Low cost of stainless steel plate, affordable products, wear-resistant, can be ground decoration.

2. Aluminum-Plastic plate mosaic (aluminum-plastic particles + sponge gum)

Advantages: aluminum-plastic plate color is rich, surface technology has wiredrawing, flash, picture, mirror, stone, wood grain and so on, a variety of particles on the surface of the resin layer protection, color gloss consistent, particles and sponge gum directly paste, the lightest, simple project, direct paste, no need to brush mud filling seam.

3. Aluminum mosaic (aluminum alloy particle + back net)

Advantages: Granular aluminum, the strength is guaranteed, can be processed two times, to do laser, Phantom, spin ring and other effects, wear-resistant, can be ground decoration.

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