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Understanding Ceramic Mosaic
Jan 28, 2018

Ceramic mosaic is a craft relatively old, traditional mosaic, ceramic mosaic, in other dazzling generous tiles, its fine exquisite posture, retro elegant style more conspicuous. Some ceramic mosaic surface grinding and formation of irregular edges, resulting in the appearance of years of erosion in order to shape the sense of history and natural sense, this kind of mosaic not only retains the simplicity of pottery and thick, but also the delicate and moist porcelain, the bright spot lies in its deep cultural connotations.

Designers generally like the ceramic mosaic design into the bathroom theme wall tile wall of the waist line, because today's ceramic mosaic fired color more rich, with a variety of colors with collage into a pattern, inlaid on the wall can do painting, paved on the ground can play the decorative role of the carpet.

Ceramic mosaic gives people the feeling is more noble and elegant, antique effect is very good, suitable for the classical style of the toilet, ceramic mosaic for the application of different occasions of products have different quality requirements, paved on the ground wear index should be higher than wall mosaic.

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