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The matching knowledge of mosaic
Jan 28, 2018

1, puzzle, waist line crystal glass mosaic using the world's advanced technology, glass selection of high-quality automotive float glass as raw materials, pigment selection of high-temperature ceramic pigments and imported inking oil configuration, and screen printing technology, color crystal clear sense of three-dimensional.

2, bathroom is people release pressure, enjoy a relaxed and peaceful space, so the bathroom mosaic color should not be too strong and jumping, otherwise people will feel depressed or bring emotional fluctuations, so experts suggest that the mosaic tiles in the bathroom should choose a quiet and peaceful color, and the other color should not have a large contrast color , there should be a primary and secondary point.

3, if the area between the bathroom is too small, whether the permeability also determines the mosaic tile choice, usually a larger area of the bathroom suitable for the choice of magnificent mosaic collage pattern.

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