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The advantages of glass mosaic outdoor decoration
Jan 28, 2018

1. For outdoor decoration, the following areas are the best: wall, Pool bottom, wall. Because these places are not susceptible to external friction, so can ensure that the glass mosaic luster and service life.

2. As an outdoor floor when you want to carefully choose, used for the ground will inevitably often have to withstand the pressure of the car, will inevitably make glass mosaic by external force scraping flowers; to the general recommendation of outdoor floor or the use of materials suitable for outdoor to ensure that the service life can be extended.

3. Not suitable for outdoor large decoration, glass mosaic although with alkali, acid, temperature, wear-resistant, waterproof, high hardness, not fade and other excellent performance, after all, its essence or glass, once the damage, large decorative objects lose its due decorative effect, its impact is immeasurable.

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