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Smart and varied pool mosaic
Nov 29, 2018

Mosaics have been widely used by locals since ancient Roman times. You can always see mosaics, whether in residential or public buildings. Colorful colors can always bring visual impact, mosaic tiles are like this, plus everyone's innovation in design, decoration is no longer a law-abiding, color mix and mix, styling has become a common practice when you use mosaic tiles. It’s a thing. Through each person's infinite imagination, free combination and design, with a different feeling. Mosaic pool tiles are small in size, and there are many gaps between the particles to prevent slipping! The combination of the dexterity, change and freewheeling of the mosaic itself is full of challenges for those who control it.

    The swimming pool is built in a green surround, which is elegant and quiet. At the bottom of the pool, mosaics are used to create a summer-themed motif, which makes the whole swimming pool look more vibrant. In the summer, play in the pool and feel at all times. To the cool taste.

The mosaic has strong abrasion resistance. The main raw materials of the mosaic are natural stone. In terms of its wear resistance, it is incomparable with decorative materials such as ceramic tiles and wood flooring. Because of the large gap between each small particle of the mosaic tile, its anti-stress ability is more advantageous than other decorative materials. The mosaic is highly decorative, and the mosaic uses the form of jigsaw to enhance its decoration. The material is very rich and the color changes. When decorating the interior space, it can be used as an embellishment material for other decorative materials, or it can be used to make a mosaic wall. It can use the gradient method of mosaic brick color or various geometric arrangement, giving its impact and beauty with its rich patterns. Because the shape is easy, the specifications are various, and each geometric small square of the solid color product is self-contained, and the design or use can easily achieve the perfect shape, especially in the corner and the corner, the construction is very easy, no need Any skill, that is, the cold folding effect, can also be designed to be very sleek, very beautiful, very neat.

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