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Glass Mosaic cleaning and maintenance
Jan 28, 2018

1. Tiles, mosaic ground to prevent heavy objects landing.

2. Cleaning and maintenance can be used in general detergent, such as scouring, washing powder and so on, heavy scale can also be used to wash toilet detergent.

3. Tiles, mosaic, missing, can be used with the variety of tiles, mosaic adhesive.

Binder formulation: 1 cement, fine sand 1, 107 glue 0.02-0.03 or cement 1, 107 glue 0.05, water 0.26 parts, 107 glue generally accounted for cement 0.2%-0.4%, plus 107 glue adhesive than single water and cement bond firmly, and the initial coagulation time is long, Can be used for 2-3 consecutive hours, easy to use, a small number of missing pieces, can also be used to blunt 3 times times white latex water, add a little cement bonding.

4. North Winter, tile, mosaic ground should pay attention to antifreeze.

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