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Application and construction of glass mosaic
Jan 28, 2018

1. Make sure the construction surface is smooth and clean, and then apply the mosaic neutral binder on the construction surface.

2. The mosaic should be affixed in sequence, and the appropriate space should be left between each block. Each post is finished with a piece of wood to flatten the mosaic, make sure each place is compacted and fully combined with the adhesive.

3. The following day or after the adhesive dry can be torn paper. Sponge dip in water wetting stickers, such as stickers completely moist, before the paper can be torn.

4. Fill seam. Use the tool to fill in the gap with the mosaic crystal filler or the original binder, white cement and so on.

5. Cleaning. Wet sponge will be attached to the mosaic on the extra filler to clean, and then wipe with a dry cloth, that is, complete the construction steps.

Note: The mosaic in the plastic net connection will be affixed to the construction surface of the cement when the plastic net is applied, which can save step 3.

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