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Advantages of mosaic decoration materials
Nov 29, 2018

In the tile market, large-size products have been popular in the past, but people have gradually discovered that mosaics made of small-sized tiles have another aesthetic and a technological breakthrough. It is both exquisite and changeable, and it is an unparalleled advantage of ceramic mosaic. This is challenging and satisfying for the owner. It has too many combinations. Before choosing a ceramic mosaic, you need to master the style of the room and then extract the right color. Once completed, it is a unique effect. Contains the creativity of the designer. This mosaic is very popular abroad and has been widely used in public places such as restaurants, swimming pools and homes. The designer designed them as the waistline of the bathroom theme wall tiles. Because today's mosaics are richer in color, they are combined with various colors to form patterns that can be painted on the wall and laid on the floor to serve as a carpet decoration. According to reports, ceramic mosaics have different quality requirements for products used in different occasions. The wear resistance index on the ground should be higher than the wall mosaic. Ceramic mosaic has artistic expression. It is a space-individual fashion that gives space a strong three-dimensional sense, providing consumers and space designers with a vast space as a stylish decorative material.

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